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Reality 101 - The Grand Illusion

This reality has been called an illusion. How can we integrate this idea into our every day existence?

  • Ancient books call this reality an illusion
  • Our senses are great deceivers
  • Everything occurs inside our bodies
  • Why the illusion of separation began

Meditation: Connecting with the Unity of One.

The Physical Body as Transformer of Chaos to Order

Exploring where Chaos began and discovering how to transform it.

  • The origin of Chaos
  • How our bodies were designed to transform Chaos
  • How Mankind asked to process more chaos
  • 9-11, September 11, 2001, an opportunity to transform Chaos into Order

Meditation: Sending Love to the planet and to the people who created this opportunity for healing

The Truth About Aging

Aging is an illusion created by the race consciousness.

  • There is no old age
  • Every 7 years every cell in our bodies are renewed
  • Being out of Balance
  • Active and Receptive Energy

Meditation: Masculine / Feminine balancing, Kundalini Activation, and Burning up negativity.


Explaining the dimensional shift we are going through and how we can assist the process.

  • Ascension is the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension
  • People are the connection between Heaven and Earth
  • Cities of Light
  • Moving into higher service

Meditation: Building Cities of Light.

Waking to Cosmic Consciousness

We are becoming One with All That Is through Cosmic Consciousness. As we become aware of this, we can consciously create a better world.

  • Portals are opening to other dimensions and contact with other planetary beings.
  • We are becoming a new species with collective goals.
  • As all is speeding up around us, we are becoming more still.
  • When chaos surrounds us, STOP and be the eye of the tornado.

Meditation: Going beyond all chaos to bring in these new energies.

Creating a Pathway for Happiness

Finding out what is blocking us from our happiness.

  • Control Issues
  • Our own self esteem
  • Judging ourselves and others
  • Feeling Abandoned

Meditation: Removing the blockages to happiness.

Divine Work

Realizing the Divine in everything that we do so that work becomes a joy and a labor of love.

  • Wake up in the morning, listen to our inner voice and do what it asks
  • If we do our part everyday, God's plan stays on schedule
  • Support comes to us when we need it
  • Everyone is necessary to complete God's Plan

Meditation: Releasing parts of yourself that no longer serve you, replacing these parts with God Presence.

Entering Middle Earth

There are beings that live inside this planet that have preserved the great teachings. We will be reunited with these groups soon.

  • Caverns within the planet are inhabited by many life forms
  • True power is the power of the collective, not of the individual
  • Compassion and Love are the pathways to enlightenment
  • A climate change will force us back into Middle Earth

Meditation: Reconnecting with Mother Earth and those living in Middle Earth.

Entering Sacred Space

Going into the silence within to put ourselves in an altered state.

  • Peace is the focus of our experience
  • Be in the "zone" 24 hours a day
  • Purging the Ego
  • Training new habits

Meditation: Journey into Peace

Entering the House of God

Finding that place inside us that is the true temple.

  • Look within for Wisdom
  • Living in a Larger Universe
  • Combining opposites into a higher potential
  • One organism connected in consciousness

Meditation: Sending out your consciousness.

Functioning in More than One Dimension

Activate the four aspects of the body, emotions, the mind and spirit to heal and create perfect lives.

  • Open any blockages in the four body system and beyond
  • Become aware of how we exist In more than one dimension all the time
  • Learn to be aware of when you are moving between dimensions
  • Use your power on all dimensions to become more effective here

Meditation: Integrate your experience in the multi-dimensional universe.


Giving thanks for everything that comes into our lives is a powerful personal healing tool.

  • Thanking our parents and our families for teaching us what we needed
  • Thanking our challenges that have made us clearer
  • Thanking our relationships for reflecting our issues
  • Thanking our work for allowing us to serve

Meditation: Releasing past attitudes about our experiences and integrating new patterns of gratitude to create more reasons to be grateful.

Introduction to Kabbalah

Experience the 10 Spheres on The Tree of Life to integrate these archetypes into the subconscious.

  • Entering each of the 10 spheres on
  • The Tree of Life
  • Experiencing the principles in each sphere Integrating these master principles back into ourselves
  • Becoming Whole

Meditation: Integrate these parts of ourselves into our conscious being.

Let Us Begin

Let Us Begin to be the magnificent beings we came here to be.

  • Stop practicing and start BEING
  • We are multidimensional, God having experience
  • Be Health. Be what you want your partner to be
  • We are not alone. We are not intended to work alone

Meditation: Activating and aligning collective intention into All That Is.

Making The Most Of This Moment

Being so involved in this moment that no moment before or after can have any influence on this instant.

  • Imagine you wake up each moment as if it were your first moment.
  • Wipe the slate clean each night
  • Enthusiasm is infectious
  • Unconditional Love is the power to transform

Meditation: Releasing the Past. Setting up patterns of acting in our Truth.

New Years Resolutions

Examining what makes us discontent, so that we will not have any new resolutions to make next year.

  • Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Goals
  • The 5 Yamas (attitudes)
  • Notice what the Ego is - division, separation
  • Stop Trying

Meditation: Going into Silence, Reverence, Gratefulness, Gladness, Strength, Faith and Courage

Open Your Mind To The Coming Wave

Moving with the coming changes and preparing ourselves to have a smooth transition.

  • Five initiations
  • Letting go of separation
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Becoming a part of the ocean of consciousness

Meditation: Merging with All Consciousness.

Opening Your Heart

Releasing old beliefs about human love and transforming these ideas to Divine Love.

  • Let go of the conflicts of individual love
  • As we heal ourselves, we heal others with our issues
  • Open up to sharing ourselves with Divine Love
  • All sustenance comes to us from our Source - God

Meditation: Activating a life filled with Love.

Seven Steps of Manifestation

A detailed sequence for creating what you want. Going through the different bodies to integrate new ideas.

  • Clearing the bodies
  • Listing the Seven Steps of Manifestation
  • Finding how to use them in every day life
  • Creating your Divine Visions

Meditation: Setting in motion your vision. Great to use when starting a new project.

Taking Time Out to See the Miracles

Slowing down each moment and experiencing each moment in its fullness.

  • We are the miracles
  • Achieving more in less time
  • What is best for the community is best for the individual
  • God is animating our empty bodies

Meditation: Journey into the infinitesimal size. DNA activation, Pineal Gland Activation, Kundalini Activation.

Taking us to New Heights

Letting go of all preconceptions of the physical world and allowing yourself to explore the possibilities of working with the new energies.

  • Everything is dissolving
  • Project a positive outcome into consciousness
  • Give and Receive in equal measure
  • Transforming competition to assistance

Meditation: Releasing the physical, embracing the Light Body.

Talking With Angels

Getting clear about the different areas that Angels exist in and discovering how we can benefit by asking for assistance in a specific area.

  • Explaining the different levels of Angels
  • We must ask for assistance in the four lower bodies
  • In the upper bodies, we know it is done
  • Ask which level you need help from

Meditation: Getting in Touch with the Angels in the 4 lower bodies. Entering into the upper bodies and activating the pineal, pituitary and nervous system.

The 22 Paths of Kabbalah

The 22 Paths are the lines between the Spheres on The Tree of Life in Kabbalah. These Paths are the origin of the Tarot Cards. Each Path represents an Archetype.

  • Enter each of the Paths to experience each Archetype.
  • Integrate each Path back into your consciousness.
  • Combine the positive and negative aspects of each Archetype
  • Become whole again.

The Gift of Giving

An energy exchange process we can use to defuse negative situations and overcome power struggles.

  • Learn to send out a loving energy to transform uncomfortable situations
  • Give more, so you can receive more
  • Give and Receive in equal measure
  • Giving as an act of healing

Meditation: Experience this exchange of loving energy and send it out to heal your life.

The Greatest Gift of Love

Transforming human love into a higher spiritual non personal love is the path of evolution.

  • Love has the power to shift verything
  • Experience deeper levels of Divine Love
  • Release old ideas about what love is
  • Heal the perception of pain associated with relationships

Meditation: Experience Divine Love and how it is transforming us.

The Invisible Substance

The invisible substances in the Universe can be used consciously to create in the physical world..

  • All around us are all kinds of energies and forces
  • Consciously use these energies through visualizations
  • Combine our visions with emotion and point of power to create perfection
  • The fourth dimensional channels in our systems dominate the physical as this shift of evolution occurs

Meditation: Mind, heart, solar plexus manifesting. Releasing your issues now.

The Rainbow's End

How color can be used to attune to for specific purposes.

  • Attuning to the colors of the Rainbow
  • Becoming the White Light (all colors) again
  • Using color for healing
  • Regenerate lost vibrations for Earth

Meditation: Integrating All Colors.

The Sun

Understanding the Sun as a living breathing being. How the cycles of the sun effect the individual and the planet.

  • The cycles of the Moon are well known
  • The cycles of the Sun are much longer than the cycles of the Moon
  • How Solar flares are seen as planetary changes
  • Why we must be in concert with the Sun, Now!

Meditation: Creating our new world together.

There is Only One SELF

Realizing that nothing is separate from us and that we are all God having God's experience.

  • We imagine we are separate
  • There is only One having experience
  • Consciousness does not need substance
  • It is not possible for God to fail

Meditation: Returning to Joy.

Under the Purple Sky

The color purple emanates a special vibration that can be used in many ways.

  • Integrate the color purple into your body.
  • Use the color purple for healing.
  • Send the color purple to others to assist them in times of confusion.
  • Experience the color purple for a sense of Peace.

Meditation: Move the color purple into your body and extend the color purple out into the planet to stabilize Peace everywhere.